Sustainable Transformation: Reduce Your Carbon Emissions and Improve Energy Efficiency with Viridis Carbon

Viridis Carbon: The Power to Track, Manage, and Verify Your Carbon Emissions

October 4, 2023 – By Edison Siqueira, Chief Product Owner of Viridis

Sustainability is no longer just a desirable aspect to have. It's a business imperative. Customers, investors, and regulators are all demanding that companies become more sustainable. The Paris Agreement has set ambitious goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and companies that fail to meet these goals will face increasing pressure.

Don't wait to take action for sustainability. The pressure is mounting for companies to reduce their carbon emissions, and those that do not act now may see a decrease in demand for their products and services, along with rising costs due to CO2 emissions.

However, taking action is not easy, is it? There are many questions that companies have about how to proceed:

• What are the best practices?

• What are the most cost-effective solutions?

• How can I measure my progress?

• What are the new regulations on the horizon, and how to deal with them?

• How can technology and digitization help?

• How advanced is my journey towards sustainability today?

• How to build upon what I already have, for example, from existing energy efficiency technology?

• How to reduce resource consumption, such as primary materials and water?

• What financing opportunities do I have?

• How to meet the disclosure requirements of my investors regarding non-financial information?

Vetta and SMS group have the perfect solution for you: our Viridis Suite.

The Viridis Suite is open and expandable, which means that new applications can be added to address specific challenges. This is an ever-evolving ecosystem, and new applications are constantly being developed to enrich the ecosystem and tackle new challenges.

Viridis Carbon is part of the Viridis Platform and is our answer to enable you to track, manage, and verify your carbon emissions in real-time.


Viridis Carbon calculates the amount of equivalent CO2 emitted in the production of each finished product unit that leaves the industrial plant. Unlike other mechanisms based on estimates and approximations, Viridis Carbon accurately tracks emissions related to scopes 1 and 2 through continuously measured real-time data in the process. Alongside scopes 1 and 2, emissions related to scope 3 are fully integrated and consolidated into the system.

• Provide companies, investors, authorities, and end customers with an additional level of transparency and governance around carbon emissions.

• Add value to products by issuing individual energy and carbon footprint certificates for each sheet, coil, tube, etc.

• Add value by correlating emissions data with production data, enabling powerful analysis and actions.

Optimize carbon management by automating procedures and significantly improving team productivity.

So, what are you waiting for? Start taking the necessary steps now to make your business more sustainable. Your customers, investors, and regulators will thank you.

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