We are a center of excellence in industrial digitization


Based on a set of world-class integrated digital solutions, Vetta solves management, energy optimization and sustainability issues for its customers through the digitization of processes and operations in the industry.

Who we are

We are a Brazilian company, part of SMS group, specialized in providing automation and digitization of processes to promote energy efficiency maximization and cost reduction in your business.


Articles & News

Research in Design at Vetta: Methods and Tools for an Effective Approach

Understand how research methods tools are utilized to drive innovation excellence in design at Vetta

Design Thinking at Vetta: An Efficient Approach to Solving Complex Problems Innovative

Solutions that Transform Challenges into Opportunities

Why Seek Digital Solutions for the Metallurgical Industry?

Optimize energy costs, resource consumption, emissions footprint in the metallurgical industry with the digital solutions offered by Vetta.

Energy and Sustainability Management System: The Path to Lasting Efficiency

Learn how to contract energy management for your company

Beyond Industrial Automation: The Role of Automation in the Evolution from Industry 4.0 to 5.0

How does industrial automation assist enhance digital transformation in the industry?

Sustainable Transformation: Reduce Your Carbon Emissions and Improve Energy Efficiency with Viridis...

Viridis Carbon: The Power to Track, Manage, Verify Your Carbon Emissions

Business cases

Gold Mining Mineral Grade Report: Information Consolidation for Detailed Reports After Each Shift 21/11/2023 – By Frederico Sampaio, Head of Operations at VettaGold mining is a complex process involving the extraction of mineral grade expectations at various stages, from identifying mineral...
Vetta revolutionizes production report digitization in gold mining Solution allows faster and more accurate decision-making in a highly competitive marketNovember 8, 2023 – By Frederico Sampaio, Head of Operations at VettaGold mining is a complex activity that...
Implementation of CI/CD Process for Mobile Applications (GitLab/Bitrise) by Vetta Transforms Multinational Automotive Group's App Development Pipeline With the service provided by Vetta, the automotive group was able to accelerate the development and delivery of new versions of its mobile applications, improving software quality and saving time and...


Reduce your carbon footprint and energy costs



Software Technologies + Operational Intelligence + Specialization in Processes and Engineering



Dedicated solutions for asset optimization, product quality, planning and data infrastructure.


Why choose Vetta | SMS group

Reduce flaring of steelmaking gases
Reduce natural gas consumption
Increase electricity generation
Reduce CO2 footprint
Reduce flaring of steelmaking gases
Improve gas dispatch capability

Selected customers

  • Bayer | Vetta Digital
  • Anglo Gold Ashanti | Vetta Digital
  • Banco Mercantil | Vetta Digital
  • Unigel | Vetta Digital
  • IUSNatura | Vetta Digital
  • Nexaaa | Vetta Digital
  • Aperam | Vetta Digital
  • Aegea | Vetta Digital
  • Banco Fidis | Vetta Digital
  • Araujo | Vetta Digital
  • Notredame | Vetta Digital
  • cmocbrasil | Vetta Digital
  • Caplogo | Vetta Digital
  • Magnesita | Vetta Digital
  • Gerdau | Vetta Digital
  • Azul Seguros | Vetta Digital
  • Positivo | Vetta Digital
  • MRNNN | Vetta Digital
  • Arcelor Mittal | Vetta Digital
  • Unimed | Vetta Digital
  • Comgas | Vetta Digital
  • CBMMM | Vetta Digital
  • Saetowers | Vetta Digital
  • Anglo American | Vetta Digital
  • Sulbb | Vetta Digital
  • Wabtec | Vetta Digital
  • Ternium | Vetta Digital
  • Dmaaa | Vetta Digital
  • Aethra | Vetta Digital
  • Cemig | Vetta Digital
  • Banco BS | Vetta Digital
  • Unidas | Vetta Digital
  • Vallourec | Vetta Digital
  • Stellantis | Vetta Digital
  • Usiminas | Vetta Digital
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